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About Us

Changing Lives, One Hunt at a Time. That’s what I set forth as my goal when I launched Sportsmen of North America. My vision was to make the great outdoors accessible through a variety of mediums to all outdoor enthusiasts. This has and always will be my passion and my desire—getting people involved in the outdoors.
– Keith Powell, Founder Sportsmen of North America.

Keith Powell, founder of Sportsmen of North America, grew up hunting & fishing with his family and friends on public land and private leases around his home state of Texas. Driven by his love and desire for the outdoors, Mr. Powell wanted more from this great pastime. Mr. Powell's vision was to gather together a group of people that had the same burning desire for the great outdoors and create a way to introduce this group of outdoor enthusiasts to all that the great outdoors has to offer. The plan is simple; create a club for sportsmen, where the playing field is level. A club where every member, regardless of income or economic status, can participate and have the same opportunity to experience the trophy hunting and fishing market that has in the past been limited to a select group of people. Today, that vision is being realized through "Sportsmen of North America".

Goal of Sportsmen of North America

We strive to provide every viewer and outdoor enthusiast with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the best that nature has to offer. Sportsmen of North America was founded on the principle that everyone, from all walks of life, should be able to enjoy and afford the outdoors and share their experiences with others.

About Us

Sportsmen of North America is a member-based organization, loaded with great benefits and opportunities for its members. A few of these benefits include, full Social Community for Outdoorsmen, outdoor excursion giveaways, hunting merchandise giveaways, full access to the SNA website, which contains helpful hunting and fishing tips, articles, hunting resources, a Wildlife & Artist Taxidermy studio. was created to provide affordable hunting and archery gear to all by providing a member based discount program. The membership to Sportsmen of North America provides exceptional benefits and the ability to save on outdoor gear for the field.

SNA Hunt Giveaway's are our main attraction. You won't find another organization geared to providing its members the most opportunities to go on "FREE" outdoor excursions and free merchandise giveaways.

Sportsmen of North America TV

We bring the viewing audience exciting adventures in hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. The show is filled with action, excitement and practical information for a variety of outdoor situations. Each week the hosts inform, educate, and entertain viewers about outdoor destinations and big game opportunities. The ProStaff Team of Sportsmen of North America TV boasts decades of experience working with exceptional outfitters and with founder Keith Powell, TV show host Heath Painter, and TV co-host Mike McCabe. The overall production, quality, and content lead to a must-see show for all. Follow the SNA team throughout the year as they track Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, Bear, Moose, Turkey and more.