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Front Mount Single Sts
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Product ID : PA-4423
Brand: Bucks'n Ducks
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The STS mounts to the front or rear stabilizer hole in the riser of your bow, depending upon the model used. The new E.D.S. (ExtremeDampening System)(4490) stopper on the end of the STS should barely be touching your string once installed correctly. When you shoot your bow, the string will contact the E.D.S. Stopper, thus stopping the normal forward travel of the string. Instead of traveling past the string's resting point ( a common cause for wrist / forearm string slap and many errors caused by movement during the shot), the string is stopped at the resting point. This allows you to be more accurate without the worry of string slap or fouled shots due to excessive movement. In addition, the STS system is an effective dampener. The STS system is made from aluminum, so it will not bend or break as many cheap plastic imitations. The new E.D.S. Stopper is made from a softer rubber material to make it more quiet and more absorbing for noise and vibration.The STS will...
  • Make any bow more accurate
  • Remove virtually all vibration
  • Make loud bows quiet!!
  • Bows w/axle 34 - 40 more quiet
  • Bows w/axle 28 - 33 more forgiving
  • No more string burns on your arm
  • Weight: 3oz
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